Shunryu Suzuki’s philosophy of the beginner’s mind was our inspiration for starting this company.

“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind, there are few.”

The company name “nám” means “learning” in Old Norse, and they still use this word in Iceland. Most of us are from Scandinavia, and we like to maintain a beginner’s mind to keep on learning.  

As Shunryu says, as soon as you decide that you “know,” you will stop exploring and stop asking questions about what is possible. We still have not decided what our product range will be. We like to keep that question open for as long as possible. But we have started to develop products. The first is fly rods, and you can read about the R&D process here. We have learned so much regarding both how to develop great rods and how to do it together, as a team. What we have now is a mix of many ideas. We believe that the middle way will make our final products better. It’s more time consuming and sometimes our opinions diverge, but it’s definitely worth it to go around the table once more before making that decision.    

What products will we have in the future and what are we all about? We don’t know!