Swift Fly Rod Repair Service Is Our Top Priority

In the unfortunate event that you should break a section of your nám fly rod, we can offer a fast ‘no questions asked’ service for a minimal shipping and handling fee.  Due to the special ferruling system we use, any section of a nam fly rod can be replaced without sending the rod to us for fitting.  This saves an immense amount of time, and gets you back on the water with your favorite fly rod as quickly as possible.

Simply send an email to including three pictures:the rod’s logo (including model information), a picture of the breakage, and a picture of the sales receipt. We use email to prevent unnecessary shipments, and to save time getting a new rod section sent out to you swiftly.

Cost for rod section replacement:
- Butt parts single handed: 120 $
- Spare parts single handed: 90 $
- Butt parts double hands: 180 $
- Spare parts double hands: 120

General Guarantee

All nám products are covered by our original owner guarantee for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The guarantee covers any defects in materials or workmanship. Material defects are material or production flaws or errors that cause the product to be dysfunctional, not ordinary wear and tear or self-inflicted damage.

Should your nám product prove defective, please send an email to