Original Series

  • T&S | August 2022

    "nice loops with minimal effort"

    This Scandinavian"new kid on the block" was an easy-casting rod, similar in action to the Loomis, producing nice loops with minimal effort. The tip was super-stable, giving the pin-point accuracy, and the action was crisp and lively, with excellent feedback to the caster. It performed equally well near and far with a lightness of touch that would make it feel at home on both rivers and stillwaters. The rod's finish was very good and it proved a tough job to separate this from the G. Loomis for the top spot. The Nam's more consistent delivery and accuracy finally gave it the edge.

REN series

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  • Regular price €950.00
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"Original 13'3 #8: This rod is a big river winter steelhead machine. A very intuitive rod that gives plenty of feedback. Anyone can pickup this rods and cast well immediately. Easily lifts sink tips and big flies, and gets them where they need to go. Favorite line: Nextcast Zone 525gr with 10-12 ft of t-11 or t-14. It will fish a scandi with ease and cover big water without any issue"

Barrett Ames, Pro guide

"My favorite rods are the 17'0'' and 16'1'' They are absolutely superior when it comes to covering water, controlling the fly and line correctly. I get less fatigue of using the 17'1 than for example a 15’0 rod which for me I have to use more energy to cast, when conditions require it. The material in the 16'1 and 17'1 rods, makes them so light that even an old man like me, can walk for weeks without getting tired and worn out."

Micke Andersson, Father of the banana fly

"Exceptional mono shooting line! Probably the best I've ever tried, and I have tried lots... I use the Hazumi 40lbs, this mono shooting line will be used on all my heavier two handed rods."

Nils Olav Brekke, Norway

"The graphene impregnated resins within the walls of the ORIGINAL-series can be felt compressing on a molecular level, through the cork grip, as if they’re speaking to you during the cast, telling you the exact moment of optimal load. The REN-series feels as if the rod becomes one with your hands and arms, where the load can actually be felt in your bones. You become the REN rod, almost a “pairing process”"

Chris O'Donnell, Bend fly shop

"Original 15.7 Rod thrive best from medium-sized to the very largest rivers. It feels light in the hand and thanks to its deep action with a quick recovery, this rod suits the vast majority of casting styles. The timing of the cast does not always have to be perfect. It takes very little power to build up a high line speed. The stiff top helps you lift the heaviest sinking lines, regardless of whether you're wading or on land. Thanks to the length of the rod, you can easily control both line and fly in the right way for both the longest casts, as well as the short ones."

Mikael Österberg


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