REN+ Saltwater rods

REN+ Saltwater rods

The REN+ saltwater series was developed with the need for a light rod with more feel but with saltwater and big-game fresh water in mind. The REN TECHNOLOGY was implemented to have a blank that is light in hand but has all the power needed without losing the feeling that we were looking for in this blank.
We equipped this rod with REC stripping guides and type-III anodising on the reel seat and our Delgado cork, finished with a carbon black blank.

590 REN+ Designed for coastal Scandinavian fishing as well as coastal cutthroat in the Pacific Northwest. With a fighting butt also makes a fantastic streamer rod for the more aggressive freshwater species.

690 REN+ In Scandinavia where sea trout is a way of life, this is the perfect tool for the job as well as a fantastic light bonefish rod for dead calm conditions or shallow flats fishing. 

790 REN+ Another light bonefish rod or windy day seatrout on the Scandinavian coast, this rod will also handle some of your near-shore fishing for redfish and is a great all purpose atlantic salmon rod.

890 REN+ A rod for global bonefish from the Florida Keys to Belize this is also a great rod for smaller striped bass and windy days on your favourite Atlantic salmon river. 

990 REN+ Your go-to striped bass rod or permit rod for the Florida keys this rod can handle a variety of saltwater applications the must-have in your quiver of salt rods.

1090 REN+ From tarpon to roosterfish this is the staple rod for the bigger saltwater species, Think big flies and big fish, windy days on the bow of the boat waiting for your shot.

1290 REN+ You have booked your trip for the trophy saltwater fish this is your go-to rod for the fish of a lifetime.

Guide 1288 A 2 pc rod designed to be primarily used in the boat for the biggest saltwater species to be used and abused and put away wet the guide edition was conceptualized with some of the top saltwater guides filling a gap that was missing.  

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