Common ground

common ground
/ˌkämən ˈɡround/
phrase of common
  1. opinions or interests shared by each of two or more parties.
    "artists from different cultural backgrounds found common ground"

A cliché or something more? maybe it's a single term that connects the social nervous system to find something we share as a goal?

As we embark on our first North American tour we find ourselves in Newfoundland (one word) with the amazing Terry Byrne and Kastine Colman to a place where hopefully two different approaches to a similar problem can meet and share ideas.

It's such an opportunity to be able to travel to these amazing new places and learn about the culture of their heritage within the sport. At the end of every day, we enjoy the freshest seafood with like-minded individuals separated by the Atlantic ocean, culture and language but we all share the same passion.

As we sit here and decipher all the moments we had we will soon share them with you but for now enjoy these snippets of an amazing time had.

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