Steelhead fishing with Nam Original 8124-4 & REN 8130-5

Steelhead fishing with Nam Original 8124-4 & REN 8130-5

"For most of my coastal winter fishing I prefer an 8 wt rod in the 12 - 13ft range, capable of handling T-14 and lead eyes bugs. Short enough to work in limited space and long enough for leverage and control.

I’d like to introduce two new rods that I’ve been reaching for increasingly throughout the winter season:

Original 8124-4 and Nám REN 8130-5.

Remarkably light in hand, the strength to weight ratio of these two sticks is unreal. Their action is on the faster side. They take care of biz on the high gradient coastal streams and make it fun and easy. Highly recommend!

A rod is only as good as the line it’s paired with. On the 8124-4 I look no further than the new Scientific Anglers Skagit Short 540gr. And on the 8130-5 the standard SA Skagit 540gr. Absolute RPG’s!"

// Chris O'Donnell, Bend Fly Shop
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