Line weight, A constant debate

Line weight, A constant debate

Line weight, A constant debate disguised as fact, The fact is that no matter the line weight of preference the end goal is the same.

From ultra-light and delicate presentation to heavy and lifting power to get you in the zone,  we are all trying our best to just be fishing and give ourselves the best chance of encountering a bite.

When it comes to right or wrong , one way or the other nothing is set in stone but as we talk about it we will start on the lighter side of things and outline the advantages vs disadvantages they have for certain situations.

When casting light lines it seems the faster the stroke the better as the rods tend to load differently than when under more load from a heavier line. When one anchors the line to load it its a much more gentle quicker anchor ( touch and go) than the alternative sustained anchor cast.

That all being said it is generally done on long leaders and smaller flies to keep the line speed up tp hold the loop throught the cast to the delivery point of the cast.

We hope this is helpful and will outline some further  thoughts as we go......... But at the end of the day it's just fishing and WE DONT KNOW!
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